Wilton Reveals 2015 Baking & Decorating Trends

The Wilton Test Kitchen and Decorating Room has named its 2015 top 10 baking and decorating trends. The list includes trends from uniquely baked treats, to fanciful decorations, to exotic tastes that at-home chefs will enjoy experimenting with in their own kitchens.

1. Marvelous Merveilleux: A treat popular in French and Belgian pastry shops, the Marvelous Merveilleux is making its way to America, the company said. The treat is created by combining meringue cookies with whipped cream filling and ringed in toppings.

2. Middle Eastern & North African Flavors: Inspired by aromatic flavors of a spice market, Middle Eastern and North African spices are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in baking and other sweet-treat making. International ingredients like harissa, zaatar and Aleppo peppers introduce complex flavor profiles that pair well with dark chocolate, creamy custard and many sweet treats. 

3. Smoke Meets Sweet: Deep, smoky flavor has been big in the culinary world for awhile, the company said, and in 2015 it moves onto the dessert plate. Combining smoked sugar or smoked cinnamon for a hint of wood fire flavor, or smoked coconut, smoke roasted apples and whiskey dipping with smokey notes are some examples. 

4. Dessert Mash Ups & Remixes: Also considered classic treats with a twist. Familiar favorites are taking on ultra-indulgent new forms, the company said. Cake flavors merge into cookies, cookies into pies, pies into ice creams, etc. Examples include banana walnut French toast cupcakes, to red velvet cookies, and pecan pie cheese cake.

5. Fruitful Possibilities: Heirloom apples, like orange pippin and pitmaston pineapple, are being sold alongside newer varieties, like Pink Lady. Each type boasts its own signature flavor, texture, fragrance and color. The fruit expansion continues beyond apples with special varieties of mandarin oranges, grapefruits and even kiwi fruit.

6. Geometric Sugar Art: Bold geometric patterns are taking shape in new ways. Mixing and matching sugar art shapes to decorate cakes and sweet treats with geometric patterns and abstract designs are on-trend.

7. Dazzling Delectables: Gold, silver and bronze take add shimmering accents, depth via detailed designs or even complete color blocking sweet treats. Metallic colors make a bold, stylish statement to many any decor or occasion.

8. Fondant Watercolor: Taking traditional watercolor techniques and applying them to the artistry of cake design, creating soft, sweet effects and vivid floral arrangements.

9. Revolutionary Color Confectionery: Adjust shapes and hues of any color to create new palettes with unexpected pops of unique color. Plate with color combinations to create new pairings using everything from chic neutrals and soft pastels to opulent jewel tones and vibrant primary colors.

10. The Statement Flower: Making a bold statement with look-at-me flower pieces. Larger-than-life fondant and gum paste flower with lifelike detail and realistic color techniques breathe life into cake design.

To see images of each trend, check out Wilton’s 2015 baking & decorating trends page here.