WizEvo Launches Hair Dryer Crowdfunding Campaign

WizEvo has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the Sylph portable hair dryer on Indiegogo. The launch is the first in its planned line of products focused on women.

The cellphone-sized hair dryer features a lightweight design and is easily carried in small handbags. It features intelligent heat control technology, which is said to control temperature and prevent extreme heat by measuring the temperature 50 times per second. A smart wind mode is said to naturally dry hair fast without damage by automatic temperature control.

The hair dryer includes aerodynamic force, variable air speed control, built-in ionizer, electric motor and high frequency sensing module. It also includes replaceable magnetic nozzles and magnetic hanger.

“Our company’s mission is to solve problems that customers face in their daily lives, and to offer new high-tech experiences that can improve their quality of life,” said Simon Lin, CEO, WizEvo. “During our two years of research we surveyed 112 kinds of hair dryers from around the world and conducted more than 3,000 hours of testing.”