Work Sharp Expands Electric Knife Sharpener Line

Work Sharp Culinary continues to add to its assortment of electric knife sharpeners with the availability of two items in its E2 assortment.

According to the company, the E2 sharpener uses replaceable flexible abrasive disks for a gentler sharpening and sharper edge. Built-in angle guides are designed to offer a precise bevel and uniform edge from heel to tip while the onboard microprocessor automatically controls the sharpening process.

In addition to straight and serrated edge kitchen knives, the E2 sharpens scissors, shears and pocket knives. An integrated ceramic honing slot allows for touch-ups between sharpenings.

Suggested retail price is $49.95.

The E2 Plus unit is equipped with several upgrades including two automatic sharpening modes said to offer improved control during the sharpening process and a second angle guide that allows the unit to sharpen cleavers, thicker pocket knives and wide-angle blades.

Suggested retail price is $79.95.