Wüsthof Adds Butcher Knife To Cutlery Assortment

Wüsthof has added a new butcher knife and charcuterie set to its cutlery assortment.

The new 8-inch Artisan butcher knife is part of the company’s Classic collection of forged full tang cutlery. The knife features a design-friendly silhouette with a contoured finger guard, a curved hollow-edge blade and a pronounced skinning tip.

The company stated that the new butcher knife is designed to be more versatile than the traditional butcher knife. It can be used to portion chops and steaks and trim cutlets and filets. The knife’s razor sharp edge can also skin and slice large fruits and vegetables.

Wüsthof is also debuting the three-piece Plum charcuterie set. Designed for entertaining, it contains a 5-inch sausage knife, a 4-inch pâté knife and a 5-inch soft cheese knife.