Wüsthof Adds Chai Dao Knife To Classic Lineup

Inspired by the traditional design of a Chinese cleaver, commonly called a Chai Dao, Wüsthof’s new Classic 7-inch Hollow Edge Chai Dao features a wide blade with an edge that curves upwards as it nears the knife’s squared-off tip, the company said.

The blade features a curvy profile allows chefs and home cooks to employ a rocking motion when chopping. The new knife’s bevel-style hollow edge is designed to minimize drag and prevent sticking, and the wide blade also makes it easier  to transfer chopped foods or smashing aromatics such as garlic or ginger, the company said.

As an extension of Wüsthof’s classic line, the new Chai Dao knife features full-tang construction and is forged from a high-carbon, stain-resistant alloy.