Wüsthof Expands Ikon Line With Larger Paring Knife

Expanding on its Classic Ikon line of cutlery, Wüsthof has launched the new 4-inch Extra Wide Paring Knife. Featuring the Ikon collection’s signature double bolster design with an angled back on the rounded handle and a forged, full-tang construction, the new Extra Wide Paring Knife has a suggested retail price of $94.99.

The new knife features additional width and length over the previous 3.5-inch paring knife, and 3-inch straight paring knife in the collection. Designed as a mini cook’s knife, the paring knife’s extra girth and rounded, straight-edge blade surface makes it suitable for scooping up prepped ingredients for easy transfer to bowl or pan. The extra length also aides for use with the tip of the blade for tasks such as scraping vanilla beans and trimming silver skins on smaller cuts of meats, the company said.