Wüsthof Grows Cutlery Collection

Wüsthof has launched several new cutlery designs to its Classic, Classic Ikon and Gourmet collections. The company has also introduced a new electric knife sharpener.

The company has added the Classic 7-inch Hollow Edge Craftsman which is said to be a hybrid design combining the features of a chef’s knife, boning knife and carving knife, inspired by farm-to-table cooking. The wide belly helps for rocking cuts, and its clip-point tip facilitates easy maneuvering around joints for de-boning and filleting, while its hollow-edge design allows for smooth, precise carving and slicing. It has a suggested retail price of $162.

The company’s new Classic 6-inch cleaver is a full tang cleaver, precision-forged from a single piece of high-carbon stain-free steel, ideal for chopping down large cuts of meat, bone and hearty vegetables. It has an SRP of $262.

The company has also added the Gourmet White 4-piece Steak Knife set that includes laser-cut high-carbon stain-free knives with white handles. The set has a suggested retail price of $124.

Also new for the company is the Easy Edge Electric Sharpener. The premium belt-driven sharpener is made for home use and designed for knives forged using Precision Edge Technology.

All of the new products are scheduled to be available in April.