Wüsthof Introduces Tri-Stone Sharpener

Wüsthof has introduced its new Tri-Stone Sharpener, a whetstone sharpener featuring three different grit surfaces for sharpening and honing knives. Designed for professional chefs and home cooks, the Tri-Stone sharpener is available now at retail nationwide.

The Tri-Stone Sharpener features fine, medium and coarse grit sharpening surfaces. Each stone is firm, yet still features a porous structure, the company said, to continuously release small particles during the sharpening process. This powder, in combination with water, sharpens knives with professional results.

The Tri-Stone Sharpener works with standard double-edge blades as well as knives with single-bevel edges. The sharpener comes with a small plastic water bottle that all nestles inside a compact wooden base for storage. Suggested retail price is $49.95