Wüsthof Launches Limited Edition Aeon Knife Series

Wüsthof has launched the limited edition Aeon cutlery series, marking the brand’s first new product introductions for 2020.

According to the company, the Aeon series departs from the brand’s traditional aesthetic with three new signature, one-of-a-kind tools for elevated performance and presentation.

Featuring handles made from 3,249-year-old Scandinavian bogwood, the Aeon series will include: an 8-inch Cook’s Knife; a 10-inch Super Slicer; and a 7-inch Hollow Edge Santoku.

Wüsthof said 1,500 units of each will be produced worldwide and retail for $600. Each completely unique knife will come with its own individual series number, as well as a certificate of authenticity from the radiometric dating institute Klaus-Tschira-Archäometrie-Zentrum in Mannheim, Germany.

Each black blade is treated with a Diamond-Like Carbon coating (DLC) for optimal durability and a lotus effect that the company said prevents scratching and other surface damage.