Wüsthof Refreshes Brand Identity For Evolving Market

Wüsthof recently revealed an evolved new brand identity, reflecting both its centuries of heritage and its contemporary leadership in the cutlery category.

HomeWorld Business recently spoke with Rene Arnold and Adam Fischer, CEO and director of marketing, respectively, for Wüsthof-Trident of America, the company’s North American subsidiary, to dive deeper into the brand refresh and how the centuries old company plans to communicate its story to both new and loyal consumers for what the company said promises to be a transformative year.

“For more than two hundred years, Wüsthof has forged a role at the center of the family kitchen, and as we evolve the way we present ourselves to both new and loyal consumers, we aim to reflect our deep commitment to quality production and dependability,” said Arnold.

The company has embarked on a new visual identity within the brand, using a limited color palette and talking to retailers and their customers through emotional imagery, as well as with more social media outreach and how-to videos showcasing knife skills, all to help meet the interests and demands of today’s consumer.

“Retail is changing so dramatically, and as a brand, we are so fortunate to have the brand integrity that we have but we have not engaged directly with the consumer. Traditionally, our relationship has been with our customers. While our knives are a technical tool they are being used for a process that involves a lot of emotion. Cooking, regardless of your skill level, is like creating, you’re transforming a handful of ingredients into a creation and that is what we are trying to tap into,” said Fischer.

Arnold added that for 2019, the company decided to focus on utilizing fresh ingredients for its new booth signage at the Housewares Show. The blood orange that is being used, he explained, reflects an unexpected yet emotional connection to a consumer’s use of knives to prepare their ingredients to share with family and friends.

“People are taking time again to slow things down at home and prep and cook with fresh food. The prepping process and cutting process has become more emotional, a time to disconnect with everything else and enjoy the process,” said Arnold.