Wüsthof-USA Teams With Oris To Sharpen Pricing Policies 

Wüsthof-USA is utilizing Oris Intelligence software in an effort to control MAP pricing violations. Oris Intelligence is a cloud-based platform provider of actionable insights that preserve pricing integrity for manufacturers.

According to data released by Oris Intelligence, on average, housewares brands have 23% of their URLs in violation of Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies, which is said is nearly twice the average across all industries. Similarly, housewares brands have 30% more sellers with an average of 345 unique sellers offering their products.

“We’ve seen the housewares industry explode as it relates to the number of sellers and channels offering these products today,” said Pamela Springer, CEO of Oris Intelligence. “As a result of the proliferation of products and places to make purchases, comes an uptick in the number of pricing violations and unauthorized sellers. With our near real-time data across all online channels, Oris is helping top manufacturers, like Wüsthof, get control of their pricing to protect the integrity of their brand.”

“It’s very important to manage MAP, but it’s even more important that our sellers and customers trust us,” said Todd Myers, vp/sales at Wüsthof-Trident of America, Inc. “We have partnered with Oris to ensure that everyone who buys our product has confidence that they will receive authentic Wüsthof merchandise through an authorized partner that will adhere to the same high standards of our brand. With Oris, our team is able to get visibility into violations and violators so we can better support our family of retail partners.”