Wynd Launches Portable Air Purifier

Wynd Technologies has launched Wynd, a personal, portable air quality tracker and purifier.

The Wynd system includes a small, mobile air quality sensor that monitors for particulates and displays measurements in real time. It can detach from the purifier and be used independently. Users can clip it to backpack straps, baby cribs, keychains or anywhere they want to monitor for particulate pollution, for example.

The air quality tracker and purifier unit can connect together to engage auto mode, which automatically changes the purification level based on the current air quality. Wynd also connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth, and the accompanying app provides information about air quality and how much air pollution has been filtered.

According to the company, the air purifier also features a medical grade filter that captures unhealthy particles in the air and reduces bacteria and microbes, and a proprietary airflow design.

“We set out to create a product that enables a healthy and comfortable air environment wherever life takes you,” said Raymond Wu, CEO and cofounder of Wynd. “Wynd is committed to improving the air quality problem which many people around the world encounter on a daily basis, whether from allergens or industrial pollution.”

Wynd is available internationally starting on Kickstarter, for an introductory price of $139. The air quality tracker will be available for separate purchase for $69.