Yes, People Still Shop In Stores

“Nobody shops in stores anymore.” How many of you get irritated when you hear that?

I know I do.

But I understand such hyperbole, however misinformed it might be.

Like when I tell someone I’ve just met what I do for a living, and the first thing I hear, often in a sincerely sorrowful tone, is, “Do people still read magazines?”

Greatly Exaggerated

Yes, they do (you are). But now they won’t tolerate anything less than informative, engaging, helpful, and, where possible, exclusive content. They don’t just want a better experience. They demand a worthy experience.

Which brings me back to stores. With apologies to descendants of Mark Twain, reports of the death of stores have been greatly exaggerated.

At the risk of pushing our own little bit of hyperbole, the front cover of the March 1 magazine has declared 2019 to be “The Year Of The Store.”

The exclusive cover story in this special International Home + Housewares Show issue details how many physical stores, written off as a modern-day equivalent of the buggy whip by so many so-called retailing and economic pundits, look to whip back into form— a meaningfully new form— after a serious gut check the past few years.

Blended Experience

We think you’ll find it informative, engaging and helpful to read how successful retailing is following and adapting to consumers across multiple generations as they embrace a shopping experience blending online and in-store elements based on personal preference.

We examine how evolving brick-and-mortar retailers are leveraging their physical footprints to offer consumers updated lifestyle selections and an array of in-person services.

We explore how select retail destinations are pursuing consumers with a progressive approach to new stores and marketing tied to the old-school convenience/value proposition.

We explain how online retailers are moving into the physical space permanently and promotionally to reach consumers in new ways and to offset surging logistical and customer acquisition costs.

This big retail story is underpinned by advanced technology that facilitates distribution, logistics and inventory management; permits store employees to transition into more effective floor and shopper relationship managers; and tracks how consumers shop. Soon, the store could provide deeper data about customer habits than is available through e-commerce.

You see, the physical store isn’t dying. Aging traditions of what a store must do to survive are on their last legs, though. And the discouraging purge of ill-adapted operations will continue.

Survive & Thrive

The survivors should more than just survive. They could thrive.

Shoppers won’t tolerate anything less from a store than informative, engaging, helpful and, where possible, exclusive product and service. They don’t just want a better experience. They demand a worthy experience.

Misinformation is irritating.

This news is real.

Yes, people still shop in stores.

And you can learn about why they will continue to do so… by reading this magazine.