YesterTec Takes A Unique Approach To Kitchens

How people are defining their living spaces is changing and a company on the forefront of that change is YesterTec Kitchen Workstation Furniture. YesterTec products provide consumers with new ways to create a live-in, more sociable kitchen.

What YesterTec characterized as a furnished kitchen consists of three to five separate task-oriented workstations, essentially food-prep areas including oven and stove, that work together in a manner similar to media furniture and in contrast to a continuous run of countertops and cabinetry.

In discussing the concept, David Beer, an architect and the company’s founder, said, “Although our workstations are so efficient and technically advanced, it is the spaces that are created between each piece that make these kitchens so unique.”

The spaces can contain full height windows and doors, houseplants, artwork, shelving that can house collectables and even smaller antiques that help define the character of the room, YesterTec noted. So the spaces between each functional element allow the floor, wall and ceiling pieces to flow from one area to another. Workstations can blend in with various design styles better because appliances are hidden. YesterTec safely conceals hot appliances in its workstations using a patented, UL Listed technology.

Beer noted, “Creating a room with workstations eliminates the boundary between the kitchen area and the living area. It’s really a new kind of great room.”