Z-Line Gains Star Wars License For Gaming Line

SAN RAMON, CA— At a critical moment in the life of the popular sci-fi franchise, Z-Line Designs is bringing out a range of licensed Star Wars gaming desks, chairs and related furniture.

Multiple Star Wars media properties have or are coming to large and small screens, including a new movie, and Z-Line expects that they’ll help propel the introductory product collection to a higher profile position in the marketplace.

Nancy Feldman, Z-Line vp/marketing, said that the Star Wars license that the company has acquired is for certain adult furnishings categories, and the furniture producer currently is applying the license to its gaming products as it grows that element of its business.

Z-Line will offer six Star Wars-themed gaming desks and gaming chairs at the Fall High Point Market. The company will round out the gaming furniture with three media/TV consoles that also sport Star Wars theme elements.

“Star Wars has been a franchise for 40 years,” she said. “We saw this as an opportunity to be part of a global brand.”

At the Spring High Point Market, Z-Line introduced gaming furniture under its new ZLD brand building off introductions that the company began to integrate into its product line earlier. Although the company already had developed specific functions to enhance the style and functionality, Z-Line decided to take its designs a step further with the ZLD introduction, adding more storage, fresh finishes, different configurations, enhanced constructions and fresh color applications in response to market feedback.

Now, Z-Line has taken another step forward in the gaming program.
The desks and coordinating chairs
will incorporate Star Wars motifs, such as the infamous Death Star. It also will offer themed construction elements, such as desk legs enhanced with a Tai fighter look.

Even the colorways used on the products reflect from the Star War universe, with a tendency to represent the Dark Side of the Force, which may make them the more popular in the gamer universe. Five of the six coordinated desk and chair pairings are in black and gray. The other desk and chair combination comes in gray tones.

Feldman said that the licensing group responsible for Star Wars sought out Z-Line for the partnership and the experience of working with the Disney Studios representatives has been positive, reflecting a give and take that produced a unique and attractive
product line.

As with other Z-Line products in the gaming line, the Star Wars product designs take into consideration the use consumers put them through, with functional elements that enhance the user’s virtual experience, Feldman said. Features such as LED lights enhance the looks while wireless and USB charging elements make the furniture more useful.