Zak Designs Releases Mighty Mug Jr. Tumblers

Zak Designs aims to help parents and kids avoid spills and add a little color to their day with the launch of licensed Mighty Mug Jr. tumblers.

As with the existing Mighty Mug line, the new children’s variation has a patented design featuring a strong suction cup on the bottom of the tumbler that tightly grips smooth surfaces. The suction cup holds the Mighty Mug in a vertical position even if it is bumped, smacked or swiped, ensuring the liquid inside stays there. When it’s time to take a sip, children just lift the Mighty Mug Jr. straight up, and it comes off the smooth surface as easily as any other tumbler, the company noted.

The Mighty Mug Jr. arrives as a 16-ounce tumbler with a flexible silicone straw built into a press-tight lid. The tumbler is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Zak is also releasing the Mighty Mug Jr. in an assortment of bright colors as well as licensed options sporting some of today’s most popular animated characters, including those from Disney.

“Mighty Mug Jr. is one of those products that really raises the bar on what parents expect from a tumbler they give their kids,” said Irv Zakheim, chairman and CEO of Zak Designs. “Anyone who’s been a parent knows that any product that helps reduce the frequency of life’s little inconveniences is a really big deal for parents, and that’s exactly what the Mighty Mug Jr. does.”