Zavor Debuts Silicone Pressure Cooker Accessories

Zavor is bringing four new silicone accessories that are designed for pressure cookers to the market, including a steamer basket, cooking/egg rack, baking dish and an egg bites mold. This marks the first collection of silicone pressure cooker accessories for stovetop and electric pressure cookers and multi-cookers for the company.

The steamer basket comes with interlocking handles that make placing and removing the basket from cookware easier, the company said. It has silicone feet that help keep the basket above the water when steaming, eliminating the need for an additional trivet. It has a pleated body that allows it to accommodate to a variety of pot sizes and it can easily be collapsed for storage.

The cooking/egg rack has nine holes to accommodate eggs when using as an egg rack. It also comes with interlocking handles that can be removed for more comfortable stacking when using multiple pieces.

The new baking dish comes with a metal frame around the rim to maintain its shape when cooking and cleaning while the flexible body allows for easy release of foods, the company noted.

While the egg bites mold is designed for the popular breakfast treat, the company said it also has the ability to make muffins, cupcakes, meatballs, cinnamon rolls and more.

The cooking/egg rack is compatible with all sizes of the stovetop pressure cookers and electric cookers. The silicone steamer basket, baking dish, and egg bites mold are compatible will all Zavor 6-quart and 8-quart electric cookers and all of the company’s stovetop pressure cookers, excluding the 4-quart pots from any pressure cooker set.

Each piece is crafted from FDA approved, high-quality, food grade silicone that is both dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 445° Fahrenheit. Available in sets as well as open stock items, the individual silicone accessories will carry a suggested retail price range from $11.95 to $14.95. The silicone accessory sets will retail for $29.95 each.