Zefiro Offers Sustainable Home Solutions

Zefiro, a supplier of sustainably made household products, offers an assortment that ranges from items such as cotton mesh produce bags, reusable silicone food wraps, cleaning tools and toothbrushes made of bamboo and sisal.

Founded by Carley Pulford, a Canadian entrepreneur who began her career in Shanghai, the company’s mission is to offer consumers functional household goods, made from quality materials that are better for the planet and have an affordable pricepoint. Pulford, and her husband, Mike Elefante, whose career has been rooted in the housewares industry for many years, launched their company last year.

“I would say 90 to 100%  of the materials we use for our products are compostable. We choose materials that are all natural such as bamboo, beechwood, lotus wood and cotton rope, all of which is mostly compostable. When we approach a product idea, we are always thinking about the end of its lifecycle and are conscious if the item presents itself as a simple swap for a common single-use good,” said Pulford.

The company said it is currently focused on specialty stores such as the independent gourmet housewares retail channel, of which many are adopting their own zero-waste policies.

“People are starting to get more into living a plastic-less lifestyle and are on the hunt for simple swaps to help them do so. With early adopters, their choices were immediate and the rise of zero-waste stores provides them an easy place for people to shop according to their philosophy. However, for those coming around to the idea, why not have an option in your local grocery store,” said Pulford.