ZeroWater Expands Flint Donation Program

ZeroWater is now expanding its Filters for Flint program in an effort to help the growing list of communities with water quality and lead issues beyond Flint, Michigan, the company said.

According to the company, almost $200,000 in filter donations have been made to the community of Flint. With the expansion, ZeroWater will continue its one for one donation match and is also pledging an additional $50,000 worth of filters to continue the efforts in Flint while offering additional assistance to schools and communities nationwide.

To kick off the Kids Everywhere campaign, ZeroWater is currently working with Hip-Hop 4 Flint in collaboration with Newark, NJ, to get hundreds of 23C water filter devices to the schools being affected by lead contamination, the company said.

The company is also expanding resources available to encourage lead testing and lead awareness. Detailed resources on how and where people can get water tested properly for lead contamination is available at the company’s website. In addition, ZeroWater said it will provide free water tests to the first 1,000 schools in need of lead testing assistance as well as access to inexpensive testing sources for anyone else.