Zoku Expanding Food Storage Line

Zoku will expand its assortment of food storage at the upcoming Inspired Home Show in Chicago.

The new Zoku Neat Bento is a compact box that is said to be leak-proof, with kid-friendly latches and a soft-touch carrying handle. The set includes a dual compartment tray and two re-positionable containers with lids. The box also features gaskets that provide a water-tight seal and prevent leaks between compartments. The box also comes with a cooling pack. It is available in orange with yellow accents or turquoise with blue and yellow.

The company is also rolling out the Neat Bento Jr. The child-sized lunchbox features a kid-friendly latch and 2-in-1 optimized storage areas, with an easy-to-pack divider to separate components of a balanced meal. It also comes with a separate storage container and lid that fits in the lower section. A child’s name can be written on the outer latch with a felt-tip pen for quick identification. It is available in blue and turquoise with a lime green latch, or lavender and purple with a turquoise latch.

The new Zoku Pocket Utensil set can be packed into bento boxes and lunchboxes. It features a nesting set of a stainless steel spoon, fork and knife. The utensils come with a leakproof compact carrying case.