Zulily Expands Operations In Ohio

Zulily is expanding its operations in the Columbus, Ohio, area to support growth.

The online retailer, now owned by Liberty Interactive, the parent company of QVC, said it has recently invested an additional $1.3 million in the Columbus region, and has expanded its existing Gahanna operations.

The company currently employs more than 1,250 employees in the Columbus region and said it has increased its workforce by 28% from 2015 to 2016. The newly expanded Gahanna office, located at 800 Tech Center Drive, is 87,500 square feet. The company also operates a fulfillment center in Obetz, a corporate office in Gahanna and has replaced its Citygate office.

Zulily’s workforce in the area includes positions in distribution, customer service, human resources, finance, merchandising, and studio services.

“The state, county, local government partners, businesses and vendors, and people of the Columbus community have made it possible for us to continue to expand our footprint in Ohio, all with an eye to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” said Darrell Cavens, CEO of Zulily. “Our cross section between technology and retail creates an incredibly unique set of hiring opportunities. We believe that the Columbus area has been and will continue to be well-positioned to provide a highly talented workforce to fill the positions being created in the coming years. We are excited to be expanding our presence in the Columbus region.”