Zwilling Debuts Small Electrics Line At Williams Sonoma

Zwilling has expanded its reach into the small electrics category, launching the Enfinigy line exclusively at Williams Sonoma.

The company said the new assortment includes a two slice toaster, blender, personal blender and electric tea kettle with temperature control. The assortment has a suggested retail price range of $150 to $450.

The stainless steel two-slot toaster features seven browning control settings and two dedicated heating elements per slot. The heating elements are said to automatically adjust temperature for consistent toasting over repeated cycles. It also is soft-lift for smooth operation; high-lift for easy toast removal.

Zwilling is also offering a blender and personal blender. The blender has six functions, with a high-carbon steel blade powered by a high performance 1,400-watt motor. The personal blender is said to be automatically programmed to create power drinks and smoothies in individual or small-size batches.

Rounding out the assortment is the double-walled electric kettle that features six precise settings to heat water for brewing coffee, making different varieties of tea, warming baby bottles and other needs.